Will your bestie ditch you

This will tell you if your bestie will drop you cold and doesnt give a sh__ about your social life or shes there for you,and will be there for you this might not be reality but it hit pretty close to home.

If you want to ditch her then you MUST...Be a good flirtHave confidenceDo what the group wants to doBe decent lookingPlay sportsBe fitHave social media and a phoneHave good parentsWear Trendy clothesgood luck!

  1. Does she have more money than you?
  2. Is she better looking than you?
  3. Can she afford the name brand clothes the popular kids wear?
  4. Does she have any hobbies that are similar to the popular girls?
  5. Is she the kinda person who would that?
  6. Is she in alot of there classes/sports?
  7. Would she date?
  8. Is she a good gossiper?
  9. Shes hot and guys flirt with her all the time.
  10. She has a good sense of style that wouldn't drive the popular kids away?
  11. She has the hot girl air to her and when people get a whiff of it they want more.

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Quiz topic: Will Ir bestie ditch you