Which Tmnt character would be ur best friend

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If ur a fan of TMNT then this quiz is for u! Tmnt may be a show for younger kids but that doesn't mean Teens like me can't watch it. I watch Tmnt because I think it's pretty hilarious but most teens might not watch it for it's comedy

This test is for u to find out which TMNT will be ur bestie! Tmnt is a show owned by Nick. I just did this just for entertainment.Tmnt is a show for anyone

Created by: TmntDonnie

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  1. Mikey:So first question Which one of us is ur fav?
  2. Leo:So If u were to be mutated what animal would u like to be mutated into?
  3. Donnie:Do I have to? Me:YES! Donnie:Ok ok uh....Can you fix anything?
  4. Raph:I don't want to! me:NOW RAPH! Raph:FINE...So can u fight?
  5. Me:OK so if u were a ninja turtle what color would ur mask be mine would be gold :P
  6. If You had to choose which Tmnt would be your protecter
  7. Who Do u ship in TMNT
  8. What is ur favorite quote from the TMNT
  9. What tmnt do u think u are or have a personality like?
  10. If you could be shipped with any of the tmnt girls which would it be (Boys only)

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