Should you ditch your friend?

Is your friend a total cow/douche? Are they constantly giving you crap for no good reason? Well, find out if you should ditch them here on my quiz!!!!

Yeah... as I already explained this quiz is to find out if you should ditch your friend, or if you already have an awesome one! So yeah, take this quiz woo!

Created by: medusa98
  1. So, what do you think of your friend?
  2. Do you ever want to rip your friends head off?
  3. How often do they insult you? On your look, your work, personality, your laugh, ANYTHING!
  4. Are they rude to other people, or just you?
  5. Do you WANT to keep this friendship going?
  6. Do you suspect that they talk about you behind your back?
  7. Do you suspect that they talk about you behind your back?
  8. Before you see them every day, do you have to wonder if it's gonna be a good friend day or a b----y friend day?
  9. Would your friend be mean to you in front of others just so they will look funny?
  10. What do you think the results gonna be?
  11. If the results actually say that you should ditch, would you have the courage to stand up to them? I know I wouldn't...

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Quiz topic: Should I ditch my friend?