Is your BFF a true friend?

I am guessing that you are taking this quiz because you are not sure if your BFF is true or not... Or you might just be taking it because you are bored but... Idk

To be honest I just hope you like the quiz nd btw, the reason that I made this quiz is because I hav a friend who is not true! ;( If your friend is untrue, do what I did... Ditch them!!! Hope you enjoy the quiz xx

Created by: Cathy
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  1. You are at school/work and some other people are picking on you and being really mean. Your friend...
  2. Your friend is invited to a huge party and she is allowed to invite whoever she wants! She decides to invite...
  3. How often do you guys fight/argue with eachother?
  4. How often do you two go out together (as friends) or have sleepovers?
  5. Your friend is invited to a party and you aren't! She...
  6. Does she act different in front of the 'popular kids'?
  7. Does she only hang around with you when her other friends are gone?
  8. Does she lie to you/about you?
  9. You are in an argument with eachother. Your friend...
  10. Your BFF is jealous of your friendship with another friend so she...
  11. OMG :O!!! Your make-up is totally ruined and you are on your way to a party! Your best friend...

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Quiz topic: Is my BFF a true friend?