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  • She is alright

    Your friend is okay but sometimes you fight. You don't love her but you don't hate her either. You should spend most of your time with your better friends but I guess she is alright to hang with sometimes...

    I feel so betrayed though... it's like I have knives in my back. :*(

    This was a good quiz, though thumbsup!

    I want to dump this friend, and go hang out with my what I think are true friends, but she has so much power she could turn everybody against me. And like I've said before... nobody likes to be alone.


  • It said you are close instead of totally true and I'm like WTH!!!! Then I went back and saw I put the wrong answer for ONE question. Changed it then I said totally true :D

    From ally
    To Bria

  • Your Result: You are close

    You two are really good mates, you are close mates and you may have your ups and downs but most of the time you get on really well! Stick with this friend, she is totally awesome! =]

    so true

  • Hi! I liked your quiz. I sincerily feel sorry that you had a bad friend. That happened to me once... But now she hates me because she knows that I know that she doesnt like me. But anyways, Im better off without her. =)

  • I know i have an awesome friend, She is the best friend in the world! No one is a better friend than her! ;)

  • Got the are close

    This is one of the best quizzes I have taken till now and thumbs up to the creator!!!!!

  • weve been bffs forever we are totally true! (even though it said we were close were true anyways:)

  • i totally

  • This quiz was alright but it was wrong cuz it said she was an alright friend.she knows i like this guy so she starts hangin out with him.....>:-O


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