What do I really think about you?

Well this quiz is mainly for people who attend my school. Since I always have these mysterious looks on my face, people waste their time wondering what I really think of them as a friend or as a person in general. So they can take this quiz and sort of "get a clue."

I'm not usually the one to verbally let some know something about themselves 24/7 but I am always honest. The results may not be completly accurate according to my perspective, but hey you're the one that decides to take the quiz. So friends and anonymous people take the quiz if you wish!!

Created by: Rachel of Myspace.com
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  1. What do you spend most of your time doing in your room?
  2. How do you pick out your clothes when you're about to go somewhere?
  3. What type of friends do you prefer?
  4. In class you and your assigned group has to do a project together. You spend most of your time-
  5. Out of all these artists who do like most or come close to liking.
  6. What is you future goal to be?
  7. If you are single, how do feel about that? If you aren't, how did you feel when you were single?
  8. What makes you smile most?
  9. Out of all these sceneries ,which ones would you rather be in?
  10. What's your favorite day of the week?

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