Which monsters do you believe in?

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This quiz is about which monsters you think are real and not and find out what sort of person you are based on your answers. Some creatures aren't called monsters by most people.

This must be 150 letters so have some of these 😏 X 👿 x 😫 X 😠 Angry face 😵 Dizzy Face 😭 Loudly Crying Face 😒 Unamused Face 😥 Disappointed But Relieved Face

Created by: chocolatefrog

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  1. ~Do you believe in BigFoot?
  2. ~How about Yeti's (Abdominal Snowman)?
  3. ~Are Aliens real?
  4. ~What about the Loch Ness monster?
  5. ~Cyclops, did they ever exist?
  6. ~Do unicorns exist?
  7. Which do you believe is most likely to exist out of these?
  8. And which of these?
  9. Now tell me which one is definitely NOT real
  10. Tell me which one is definitely NOT real again

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Quiz topic: Which monsters do I believe in?