What God Or Goddess Would Be Your Parent

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There Are Many Demi Gods Around Destroying Monsters And Slaying Giants Can You Be Up There With Them Is Your Mother Or Father A God Can You Actually Slay That Hard

To The Mortal Eye What Demi Gods Do Is Different Can You Battle Monsters And Find Out Which God Or Goddess Is Your Mother Or Father Maybe Its Zeus Or Maybe Athena In Just A Matter Of Minutes You Shall Find Out

Created by: CatCentaur
  1. What Would You Prefer To Be
  2. Would You Prefer To Be
  3. If You Were Doing A Test At School And You learn Your Friend Is Cheating
  4. What Do You Do If A Homeless Family In Rags Is On Your Street And You Are Eating A Sandwich
  5. What Would You Do If An Army Of Monsters Appear Out Of No Where And You Only Have A Knife
  6. Someone Tells You That Your Parents Were Gods You Would
  7. What Is Your Favourite Colour
  8. Do You Have Any Mysterious Things
  9. Are You Excited About The Results
  10. Would Your Parent Be Greek Or Roman
  11. Have You Ever Wondered If The Monsters You Keep On Seeing Are Real
  12. Have You Enjoyed This Quiz Please Read Answers And Parting Words Now Final Question What Is Your Favourite Weapon

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Quiz topic: What God Or Goddess Would Be my Parent