Are you a real best friends? (Very true)

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There are many people who fail as friends, and others that become best friends! What is a best friend? It is someone you count on, trust, and keep secrets together. They also are people who like you for who you are, and not for what you are.

Are you a real B.F.F? Do you have the power to know? do you want to know? Until now you just wonder. But in a few minutes, you will find out if you are a true best friend thanks to that true and marveleous quiz!

Created by: Marie-Lynn

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  1. If your best friend has robbed the sheet of paper of the answers of the test, you would:
  2. If you and your best friends were sinking, and there is only one lifejacket, you would:
  3. You love your best friend because:
  4. How much do you know about your best friend?
  5. If you and your best friend were fighting over a boy/girl, you would:
  6. Your best friend is:
  7. You are(with your best friend):
  8. If your best friend wore one day the ugliest clothes ever, you would:
  9. You love your best friend's parents because:
  10. If there was the " Best Friends Day", you would offer your b.f.f:

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Quiz topic: Am I a real best friends? (Very true)