Does She Like You?

Sure, you watch her every day, you dream, you wish, you try to get her attention. She may notice or not notice, but either way, there's one question that always remains in your mind: "Does she like me?"

Well, this quiz will help Y-O-U to find out! Does she like you just as a friend? Or maybe something beyond that? Or are you her worst nightmare? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Nari
  1. As soon as you see her (and she sees you) what does she do?
  2. How much do you two have in common?
  3. Has she ever touched you in any way? ( a poke in the ribs, a hit in the stomach...)
  4. When you look at her, what does she do?
  5. When it's just you two alone somewhere, how does she react?
  6. Do you like her?
  7. Does she treat you any different from the other guys?
  8. What's her facial expression when she sees you?
  9. Has she ever done something mean or picky to you? (like draw a cruel picture)
  10. What do her friends do when they see you?

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