Things I question..

This quiz is about things I think are weird or things I wonder why exist. Some of these things, well--most of these things--simply are not needed here in the world.

The point of this quiz was all explained in the first introductory paragraph of this quiz, so you don't need to be reading this one...are you STILL reading this!?

Created by: Br0wnieBunny

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  1. If you haven't already, read the first two paragraphs and you'll understand what this quiz is all about instead of being stuck and being all like "What is she talking about?".
  2. Something I question is the newest song, "What does the Fox Say". All it does is goes "Dog goes goes meow!" and then in the chorus it makes all these creepy noises. "RINGDINGDINGDINGDING" and "HATETETETEHOH AHOOOOO". What the actual heck?
  3. I also question how boys in my school make fun of the girls for not having boyfriends when they can't even get girlfriends, themselves.
  4. Another thing I question is spam and trolls. Do they do it for their own entertainment--to see people get upset and fuss and say "LOOK MOMMY I MADE SPAM DFKJHFGB" like they're expecting their mother to come in and be all like--*green tongue sticks out* "LELELELELELE GOOD JOB SON LDFSJKGBGSUH"?
  5. Long socks. Really, long socks. They annoy me. Sure they look pretty cool on a person and their colors are festive for holidays, but they can make you pretty sweaty, even in the winter once you've wore them for a while.
  6. Crazy teachers that plot to kill their students. I'm exaggerating, right? RIGHT. But there are those mean adults who just become teachers to order around students and yell and scream and be all like "SHUT THE f--- UP BEFORE I BACKHAND YOUR FACE". Those are some pretty messed up people.
  7. Bad teenagers. They spoke pot, cuss and drink alcohol. Don't they know that it's bad for their body? Do they WANT to die at a young age!? And they do it just to be cool, to be popular, and to impress. When all they're doing is practically killing themselves.
  8. Yup, so that's all I can think of. I'll make a second quiz if I can think of more things..bye guys!

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