Does He Like Me?(Quiz For Middle School Girls)

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Does he like you? Are the signs good? So many questions and so many answers... But which one is correct? So many people telling you so many things...

However, now there is my quiz! That one question is now answers! Now there is that one other question, when can I have a try? Well, just answer the fifteen questions below.

Created by: Josie
  1. Does he hit you often?
  2. Do your friends say he likes you?
  3. Does he have your phone number?
  4. If you have called him, has he picked up for more then 10 minutes?
  5. Does he always smell good?
  6. Does he act funny and/or smart around you?
  7. Does he flirt with other girls?
  8. Does he wear nice clothes around you?
  9. Do YOU think he likes you?(Be honest!)
  10. Do people tell you he likes you even when you don't ask?
  11. Do you have similar interests?
  12. Do you catch him looking at you?
  13. Does he seek you out to talk to him?

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