Do you think you know me?

Okay, this quiz is obviously going to be about me. Let's see how well you do. There are a series of questions from my personality, my schooling, my life, anything is possible. If you don't know an answer, guess.

Here is the scoring. You get one point for every right answer, and zero points for every wrong answer. If you choose an answer that is completely ridiculous, you will get one point taken from your score. There is one question that is not going to be listed that gives no points for a right answer, but that question (if you get it wrong) will cost you a point. The last question has a different scale, and that is explained when you get there.

Created by: Jordan Williams

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Whose Birthday do I share?
  2. When is my favorite time of day?
  3. Which of the following foods is my favorite?
  4. Which of the following languages do I want to speak most?
  5. What do I value most in life?
  6. What is my vocational aspiration?
  7. What region of the United States do I desire to live in?
  8. What is my favorite computer manufacturer?
  9. What is the reason I can't do track this spring of 2007?
  10. How many times have I moved in the past five years?
  11. What do I think about people's trust?
  12. What was my nickname in Lakeview started by a group in FST?
  13. Of the following, which is my favorite?
  14. What is my favorite type of music?
  15. What is a major part of the story behind me being named Jordan?
  16. How many math teachers have I had throughout high school?
  17. How many high schools have I attended?
  18. How many classes at Macomb will I have taken by the time I graduate (as it is in the works right now)
  19. What University do I want to attend after high school?
  20. Of the following, which is my favorite?
  21. What PC manufacturer build my laptop?
  22. What class am I not taking this semester?
  23. What university am i going to apply to EA
  24. What did I get on my AP Chemistry semester exam?
  25. This question could either make or break your grade. Each choice is worth three points. If you get this question wrong, you just lost three points. If you get it right, you just earned three points. Who is the author of my Analytical Physics One book?

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Quiz topic: Do I think you know me?