~A One Direction Love Story Part 1~

Your character is a young 17 year old female, who's moving out of the United States and to Great Britain. Your character is a HUGE directioner. :D

I hope you like this series, and I hope you will enjoy meeting One Direction, because is this all you came here for? XD So, enjoy this series while you can! :D (Not really it's not going anywhere...)

Created by: Br0wnieBunny
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  1. Information on your character: You're a young 17 year old female, a huge directioner, and your name is ____. (your name in the blank, I don't know what your name is...so in this story you'll just fill in the blank with your name.) :3
  2. "Come on, ____!" your mother calls. "The plane leaves in 5 minutes!" you pack your bags. "Okay, stop rushing me so much, I'm responsible enough to know if I've got everything I need before the plane takes flight!" you call back. You think about those very last words...the ones you say before you're about to move out of the United States to Great Britain. A few moments of silence, and then you and your mother board the plane. You and your mother take your seats.
  3. "Everyone, please put on your seatbelts the right way, I would not like anyone to get hurt on this flight." The Captain speaks briefly through the microphone. "Is everyone wearing their seatbelts? Okay, London, UK, here we come!" you're so excited, (especially because you're thinking about One Direction :3) but you're also sad to leave the United States. You shed a few tears and whisper: "Goodbye, USA." you look out the window. "Did you say something, ____?" your mother says. "No..." you say.
  4. The plane takes flight. You are lifted in the air, and you are starting to worry quite a bit. (BTW, your character has a fear of heights... :3) "____, it's fine. You don't need to be scared." your mother says, gently squeezing your shoulder. "Yeah right...this is my first time being on an airplane." you say to your mom, but in a soft tone because you don't want people to notice. "Excuse me ladies." one of the flight attendants says, smiling. "May I interest you in something to eat?" the flight attendant hands both you and your mother a hoagie. "Thank you." your mother says. Your mother elbows you and whispers: "Say thank you." your mother looks at you, waiting for you so say thanks. "Thank you." you say softly. "You're welcome." the flight attendant says, with a friendly grin. You bite into your hoagie.
  5. "I need to use the bathroom..." you say, unbuckling your seatbelt. "Okay, hurry up." your mother says. You walk to the bathroom, as you notice the bathroom sign says "Occupied". "Come on!" you say, crossing your legs several times and about to wet yourself. The bathroom door opens. "So sorry to make you wait, I was applying makeup." says a very tall (but beautiful) lady with long, brown hair and hazel eyes with an innocent smile. "Dang." you mumble to yourself. "She's very pretty."
  6. As the beautiful, tall and innocent lady passes you, you walk into the bathroom. (No, I won't type your character using the toilet. >:P)
  7. You walk out of the bathroom and sit back into your seat next to your mother, and buckle your seatbelt. You look outside the window, and see so many beautiful and unique clouds in the sky. "They're so beautiful. It's like I want to sleep on one..." you say, admiring the clouds with your twinkling eyes. "____, are you finished with that?" says your mother, snapping you out of your daydream of sleeping on a cloud. "Whaa...?" you mumble. "I said, are you going to finish that?" your mother repeats. "Finish what?" you reply. "Your hoagie." you mother says back. "Oh um...yeah." you say, taking a big chomp into your delicious, toasted hoagie.
  8. As you're enjoying your hoagie, you zone out into "La-la-land". In your "La-la-land" experience, you are dancing with your hoagie, and you get married with it. "Kiss the bride..." you mumble, zoned out. "What?" your mom says, noticing you're zoned out. "Mom will be the brides-made..." you mumble again, zoned out. "Um... ____? People are watching..." People are staring at you and your mother with horrified, confused and annoyed faces. You stop being zoned out and wonder why everyone is staring at you and your mother.
  9. "I'm so confused." you say, still wondering why everyone is still staring. "You were zoned out, and said some er--you know...things you'd say when you're zoned out..." your mother says. "Oh...I guess I'll just go to sleep." you unbuckle your seatbelt and grab your luggage bag. You pull out your comfortable mickey-mouse pillow and blanket you had since you were 4 years old. You lay down in a comfortable position, but with your legs curled up because there isn't much room between each of the seats. You softly snore and dream about One Direction, how you meet them, and they fall in love with you, and they all fight because they all want to be with you. You dreamily smile and feel special. You're also in your dream. All of the boys in the band try to pull your arms into different directions. "Hey--hey boys...!" you say in your dreams. "There's enough of me to go around." ;)
  10. You're happily in "dream-land" for the rest of the flight to Great Britain. The plane lands in Great Britain's airport. "____, wake up! Wake up!" your mother shakes you until you wake up. "What?" you mumble. "We're finally in Great Britain! Come on!" your mother tries to quickly get you up so you can hurry and put your pillow and blanket away, you're still half asleep. You and your mother rush to get off the plane, like all the impatient and eager passengers. "We're in Great Britain, finally in Great Britain..." you say, amazed.
  11. "Cab, cab!" your mother screams, waving to the nearest driving taxi. The taxi stops. Your mother and you get into the taxi, sitting in the back seats. "Take us to 1685 Cherry-grove street." your mother says. "1685 Cherry-grove street?" you ask your mother. "Yes, that's our address here in Great Britain now." your mother says. You and your mother are talking about the suspenseful 1685 Cherry-grove street while time unknowingly slips away. The taxi stops. "We're here!" your mother says. You and your mother get out of the taxi, and your mother gives the driver a tip. "Do you like it?" your mother says. "YES! IT LOOKS SO AWESOME!" You say, excited to see the inside.
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!!! I hope you like it! Should I continue this series? Comment with your opinion! :)

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