Warrior Cat Love Story 1

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Have you ever wanted to be a warrior cat, with 3 cats wanting you? Well now you can! Answer 12 basic questions to see which cat you will end up with!

Will it be Darkfeather? Or Mountainfur? Or Shadowgaze? There are many parts to this test... But this is part one... Every day I will make more of these quizzes!

Created by: Katniss31
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  1. Shadowgaze glances at you and you catch his eye. He turns around quickly looks away. It was the gathering. *Does he like me?* you think. You catch him looking at you alot. Then you think:
  2. When you get vack from the gathering you spot Mountainfur coming towards you. You wave your tail for him to come. You see his fur rushing as he runs towards you. You then see Shadowgaze giving him hostile glances. You look at him and glare. He looks away. "Hey! Wanna share some prey with me?" Mountainfur said. You say:
  3. That night Darkfeather comes up to you. "Hey" He says. He looks tired so he lays in his nest. You think he's a little cute. You:
  4. In the morning, Darkfeather, you, Mountainfur, and Shadowgaze are called for a hunting patrol. Mountainfur comes to pad closer to you. His fur brushes yours. "Wanna hunt together?" He asked sweetly and quietly. You say:
  5. Shadowgaze sneers and walks away when he sees Mountainfur talking to you. He runs off. *Maybe I can catch her a rabbit, and she will like me* He thinks. After your hunting patrol, he comes up to you with a fat rabbit. "Wanna share?" He asks sweetly. You say:
  6. Darkfeather comes up to you and nudges you playfully. "wanna hunt together? I hear Silverpuddle's kits need some prey." You say:
  7. After you hunt with Darkfeather, it is almost time to sleep. You bring the prey to the kits. Silverpuddle thanks you. You pad out and accidently run into Shadowgaze. "Sorry" You say. "It's ok" He says. You get lost in his eyes. THen you look away and say " I have to go now. I have dawn patrol." Then you pad off you your nest. Mountainfur somes up to you and says, "Follow me." You nod reluctantly and follow him. He leads you out of the gorse tunnel and leads you several fox-lengths away from the camp. The trees fad away into a grassy plain. The plain has a small stream in the middle, with wild flowers growing around it. "Wanna play?" Mountain fur asks. You say:
  8. (Whatever you choose, soon after you go back to camp) You pad to your nest and lay down. Darkfeather sees you and nods, to acknowledge he sees you. Shadowgaze pads up to you and asks "may I" (He wants to lay next to you)
  9. "May all of the cats old enough to catch your own prey gather here beneath the largerock for a Clan meeting!" Hawkstar's yowl rings out. All of the cats gather beneath him and look up at him. Darkfeather settles beside you. "We are going to attack Grassclan!" (You cannot answer this question. No effect on anything.)
  10. BYE (no effect)

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