Warrior Cat Love Story 2

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Have you ever wanted to be a warrior cat, with 3 cats wanting you? Well now you can! Answer 12 basic questions to see which cat you will end up with!

Will it be Darkfeather? Or Mountainfur? Or Shadowgaze? There are many parts to this test... But this is part one... Every day I will make more of these quizzes!

Created by: Katniss31
  1. "What?!" Everyone is bewildered. Darkfeather get's closer to you. You:
  2. Mountainfur comes over to you. He says "Hey, wanna fight by my side?" You say:
  3. Then Hawkstar names the warriors that will fight. He chose You, Shadowgaze, Mountainfur, Darkfeather, Blackclaw, and Brightfoot. You glance at ___:
  4. Then it's time to go. Hawkstar leads the party. ___ comes up to you.:
  5. Once you get to the border you go stand by Hawkstar "Isn't this dangerous?" "Yes" He answers. "But we have to do it. We need more land." You nod and drop back a little. You start planing your battle moves in your head. Then Hawkstar meows quietly. " Ok pair up" You choose:
  6. Whoever you choose runs full speed with you into battle. Once the battle comes to an end you hear a loud yowl. Darkfeather is lying unconscious. He is barely breathing... The two other males give you hard glances... what do you do?
  7. Whatever you chose, he lived. But you win the land! Mountainfur pads up to you and says "Some battle, eh?" You say:
  8. How'd you like it? *( no effect)
  9. bye
  10. Take my next quiz tomorrow!

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