Warriors love story PART 1

I hope you had fun on my warriors love story, I will be making a second one if you liked it, this is my first time making these so don't get all upset and angry that it's the worst thing ever

Plz don't send hate messages or anything like that. Also don't Scam the messages either, if you have and NICE advice plz tell me. Also if you find any mistakes plz tell me on the messages.

Created by: Falconheart

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  1. You wake up to see Swipekit and Spotkit pinning their brother Mosskit down on the mossy floor
  2. Once the toms had finished rough housing you get up and pad over to them Mosskit scampers over and licks you between the ears. Spotkit purrs and rubs his muzzle on your cheek and Swipekit brushes his pelt against yours.
  3. Falconstar comes in, her green eyes scan the kits, "your becoming apprentices at sunset today." We all cheer excitedly, "I can't wait to become an apprentice Amberkit!" Mosskit licked your cheek
  4. Soon Falconstar calls the clan meeting and everyone comes out murmuring excitedly between each other. Frostleaf licks you between the ears and purrs, " I don't want anyone thinking I raised a badger now." You mew in protest and scamper after Mosskit, Swipekit and Spotkit. You sit beside____.
  5. Falconstar yowls, "from now on these three apprentices, until they get their warrior names, are now called Swipepaw, Spotpaw, Mosspaw, and Amberpaw." She paused before going on, "Spotpaws mentor is Blazefur, Mosspaw's mentor is Leafpelt, Swipepaw's mentor is Pinefur, and Amberpaw's mentor is Brightear."
  6. "What are we going to do?" You ask your mentor, Brightear. "We can go out and train with Spotpaw, Swipepaw, and Mosspaw if you'd like." "That sounds great!" Blazefur meows.
  7. After your training session with you mentor and the aplrentices you go to the fresh kill pile and Swipepaw ask you if you would like to share a piece of prey, you answer back_______!
  8. Once you get in your den you see Mosspaw and Spotkit sleeping with a nest in-between them.
  9. Once you wake up, Mosspaw wakes up and so does Spotpaw and Swipepaw. "Hey let's go out and explore!" Swipepaw bounces around them "Ya, that sounds like fun!" You exclaim. "Okay then let's go," Mosspaw licks your cheek and you all go out into the forest with Spotpaw and Swiftpaw flanking you on either side.
  10. You stop as you hear a low growl coming from a bush it shivers and you see a pair of Amber eyes glaring at you and fox jumps out attacking________

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