Warriors: Part Two Of A She-Cat's Love Story

The second part to the first part of this quiz that I made. I made the first part first by the way :p Yeah anyway, not much to say here, other than...SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER this quiz has...two...NEW TOMS!

Alright, so please, it will make much more sense if you take the first one before this one, so go do that if you haven't already :) SO have fun with this one...the next ones are gonna be FUUUUUN, cuz they're gonna have separate quizzes for each character :)

Created by: Coalfeather

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  1. You wake up at the sun glaring in your eyes. You roll over to get some shade, and it takes you a few seconds to notice, but Shadowfur, the skinny black medicine cat, is sitting beside you, eating a rather large mouse. "Good morning, ________! Fancy a bite to eat? I can't finish all this," He purrs, obviously happy to see you. Before you can answer, he slices it in half with his claw and pushes it over to you. "Well, I'm glad to see someone else up. Those lazy toms would probably never wake up if I slapped them on the back of the head with a big fish!" He laughs. "Okay, serious stuff now. Did you have any dreams last night?" You shake your head, unable to even remember if you had one. "Really? Hm...do you think anyone else might have?"
  2. "Why?" You ask Shadowfur. He blinks and sighs. "Well...I had a dream...there were two dark figures, made completely of black fire. We stood there, looking at it, but you weren't with us. You were struggling through the fires, trying to save us." Shadowfur sniffs, looking down at his paws. "We all wanted to help, but none of us were brave enough...but then...a flash of light appeared, and all of a sudden, two tom cats were standing in the ashes with protective stances, and you were behind them. That was all I saw..." He pauses and looks straight at you. "I'm hoping it was just rancid freshkill that I ate, but it didn't seem like that. I just...well, even though I practically just met you, I couldn't stand it if that happened to you. I just worry..." The small tom shakes his head. "Hey, it'll be fine." You assure him. "Why don't you go and ask Wildstar if he had a dream? He's awake now." Shadowfur appears nervous and chases you off. You walk over to Wildstar and tell him about Shadowfur's dream. While you speak, he pays complete attention, but when you finish, he tilts his head, just as he did when you first told him of your dream. "Wow...he really dreamed all that...my theory is that he ate a rancid mouse. And even if he didn't..." He pauses and purrs. "At least you came out alive." Your response?
  3. You respond rather aggressively, whether or not you meant to, and Wildstar takes it offensively. "Hey, I was only trying to help you out!" Wildstar hisses, stomping off. What do you do?
  4. You chase after Wildstar past a bewildered Goldenheart. He blinks as you pass him, about to say something to you, but you run too fast for him to get a word in. He shrugs and follows you. "Wildstar, I wasn't trying to be mean, I'm just really serious about this." You say once you catch up. Wildstar sighs. "I guess I can forgive you. Anyways, no, I didn't have a dream. Well, I didn't have that dream..." He laughs and shakes his head. You begin to wonder what dream he had and ask. "Oh, well...see, I'm not very comfortable talking to you about it..." He purrs. By now, you are very confused, and the panting golden tabby who has just run into you didn't make matters better. "Oh, hey there...I was just about to tell you, but I had such a weird dream last night!" You swallow hard. -It must be the fire dream...- you think. "Well...see, we were running through a fire together, and then, out of nowhere, we see these two loner toms stargazing. I must've had some bad food!" He laughs. You are relieved that it wasn't Shadowfur's dream, though it did involve fire. "Maybe we should tell Shadowfur?" Wildstar suggests. Goldenheart nods. "You coming, ___________?" You nod and follow them. As you walk, you are a short distance behind them, and when you aren't looking, you ram into Tigerfang. Any thoughts and/or words?
  5. "Hm? What?" He grunts, blinking his eyes open. He stretches and sees you. "Oh, hi! Did you say something?" You blink and don't respond. "Well, where are you headed? Were they gonna leave me?" He asks, sarcastically. "Did you have any dreams?" You ask. "Well, actually, I had this one about Wildstar rolling around in some sort of mysterious goop substance with the scent of orchid and peaches...why?" He purrs as he walks beside you, catching up with the others. You tell him about Shadowfur's dream. "Hm. Well, you never know about medicine cats. They have stupid dreams all the time and, in my opinion, just need some sense knocked into them." He laughs as you arrive at Shadowfur's new den he made for himself. "Well, none of us had that dream. Well, we didn't." Wildstar told him. "I didn't either!" Tigerfang howled. Goldenheart glared at him. "Well...I guess it was just bad food, then..." Shadowfur begins to say, but widens his eyes at the sight behind him. Everybody looks back, and there is a black spark coming toward Goldenheart. Everybody leaps for cover, but Goldenheart is frozen. You jump in front of him and push him out of the way. He lands on his stomach, looks back at you, and screams. "No! _________!" Everybody is staring in horror at you burning in the dark flame, frozen with fear. What are you doing, and what is going through your head?
  6. Suddenly, as you are about to give in, you see a flash of light, and everything stops. You blink your eyes open, and through the dust and debris, you see two very skinny toms standing protectively in front of you, one of them gray with a big scar on his face, and the other a sandy ginger tabby. "Are you okay?" The gray one asks you. You blink and nod faintly. The gray tom steps over to the other toms. "Is she with you?" He hisses. They all nod. "Well, next time something like that happens, why don't you stick to your gut and do something instead of just standing there and watching your mate burn?" He growls. "Mate?" Shadowfur widens his eyes. "Yeah...you know, mate! Friend, pal, partner...get it yet?" He says. Shadowfur doesn't look to offended at that, but Tigerfang appears to be furious. "My name's Scar." The gray tom looks back at you. "My partner, Nukarra, there is the one that saved you. He knows how to handle that fire stuff." He flicks his tail at the sandy tom, who simply nods. "Well, I think it's time we got going, don't you?" Wildstar asks. The toms nod. "Yeah, thanks and everything, but we have to go." "No," You hiss. "We need to bring them." The toms exchange glances. "No way!" Tigerfang growls. "No offense, _________, but really! Wildstar wasn't supposed to come with us! He's the only outsider we'll accept! And I didn't even want to accept HIM!" Wildstar narrowed his eyes, but the rest of the toms agreed with him. "Come on," Nukarra hisses, suddenly behind them. "What would happen if you got in another situation like that? Your little friend here would be dead. And you don't learn to use your gut unless you have the proper teacher. But, if you really want to leave us..." He walks back over to you and Scar, purring. "You know...he's right..." Goldenheart sighs. "Yeah, you bet he's right! Yeesh, where would you guys be without him? Nobody would be anywhere, because you pathetic little suck ups don't know how to protect a she-cat!" Scar spits. Wildstar steps up. "Hey now, that was REALLY uncalled for!" "So are you, you pathetic excuse for a cat!" He launches himself forward at Wildstar. What do you do?
  7. You try to get in there and do something, but the toms are fighting to quickly for you to see anything. Just as you are about to jump in, Shadowfur yowls. "STOP!" The two toms are still glaring hard at each other, but Goldenheart steps between them. "Scar! If you are to come with us, you will NEVER start fights at random like that, alright?" "Whatever!" Scar shrugs. "Come on. Let's go before something else happens." Tigerfang sighs, leading the way. You are waking beside the silent Nukarra when Wildstar trots beside you, looking ashamed. "Listen...I feel horrible for what happened earlier...Scar was just so...I don't know...and with the fire...I tried to help, I really did, but I literally just felt frozen..." He sighs. Something inside you is saying that you should forgive him, so you do. "Thank you...I thought you'd never forgive me." He licks your head and trots a small distance away from you. Then, Nukarra speaks up. "You're welcome." He hissed. "What, you mean with the fire?" You ask. "No. I defended your point." He notices your confused look. "You said that we should go with you, and I elaborated on your point why. You're welcome." "Well...thank you?" You say awkwardly, not knowing exactly why he was talking about that, of all things. He simply nods, but doesn't leave your side. During the day, nobody said anything to each other. When night falls, you come across a large open field that Wildstar insists you stay the night at. Everyone agrees, and Wildstar asks to go hunting with you. You accept, but end up going on more of a walk than a hunt. "So...this Scar guy...how do you feel about him?" He asks after you have caught enough prey. How do you respond?
  8. "Well, I hate him, and anyone who ever just decides to pick fights like that. There were a few back in WindClan...that's why I left. I would've much rather been with you than surrounded by Scars." He confesses as you walk back to camp with him. "Honestly...even though I only knew you for a few moments, I already knew there was something really special in you. I just..." He gets interrupted by running into Shadowfur. "Ouch...what was that for?" The small tom raises his head. "Sorry...I should probably...get some rest..." Wildstar grins slightly as he walks off, looking rather upset. "What kind of prey did you bring back?" Shadowfur asks. "Mice and rabbits mainly," You tell him. "Well...there's something I needed to tell you..." He looks at his paws and pauses for a long time. Your thoughts?
  9. "Well..." He pauses. "I've really been thinking. We will need to split up sometime during this quest. StarClan has told me. And, well...I was just wondering if maybe you would go with me?" He sees the expression on your face. "I really feel like I should go with you. I mean, I'm the weakest, and you're the strongest, so how would anyone else defend me? I know, it sounds like a lame bodyguard request, but..." Shadowfur pauses and sighs. "Well, I worry about you when you're gone. Ever since that dream...I've never been able to forgive myself, and I feel so weak for not doing anything to help you or anybody else."
  10. "Well, I'll let you think about it." He yawns. "But we'd better get some rest." He stretches and curls up. You walk away to find somewhere to rest and run into Scar. "Hey, how about we spar tomorrow? See who the real strongest is?" He asks. "Maybe." You reply. As you walk to find somewhere to sleep, you think about what Shadowfur said. At that, who do you decide to curl up next to, and also to take as a partner when you split up?
  11. To be continued...and the next ones are gonna be good...;D

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