:Warrior Cat Love Story part 1:

This is part 1 of my warrior cats love story. It's for she-cats only, but you can play it if you're a tom. :Warrior cats love story:. Part 1. You get the idea.

So, in this quiz, nothing very serious happens. You become an apprentice. That's the most exciting thing that happens, probably. 8D Also if you're reading this, the pale ginger kit is called Yarrowkit. Just so you don't yell at me later on.

Created by: EggProductions

  1. You've opened your eyes for the first time. The first thing you notice is...
  2. A fluffy pale ginger tom bounces up to you. "Yay! Skykit's opened her eyes! Can we go outside now?" A golden tabby kit, slightly older, pads up to you shyly. "My name's Sunkit. Could you play with me?" you say "Yes," to...
  3. *six moons later*
  4. As the clan cheers your name, you stand and proudly face...
  5. Your mentor, Sunheart tells you to go to the apprentices den. A silver cat with deep blue eyes pads up to you. "Hi! I'm Silverpaw. What's your name?"
  6. You settle down to go to sleep. Yarrowpaw curls up beside you.
  7. A few days later, you are on dawn patrol. You wander off to hunt alone when suddenly a rouge pins you down.
  8. Silverpaw runs up. "Are you OK?" he asks worriedly, beginning to lick the blood off your fur.
  9. Sunpaw runs up too, and gasps in shock when he sees you. Suddenly, he passes straight out.
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