Are You Lucky?

Luck. It's a thing we use every day. That time your mother lost her phone, then found it again? Maybe you've done that? Well, that was luck. We have good luck, that's when you found the phone. Bad luck, that's when you lost it. Good luck is winning the raffle, stumbling upon something you lost.

Luck isn't timed, it isn't chosen. It can't be rigged. But, how lucky are you? Are you even lucky at all? You ask, and I'll answer you! Lucky for you (see, yes, you are lucky, just now!) you found this great quiz, where you'll find out if you're lucky or not!

Created by: IvystarGecko

  1. Do you want to be lucky?
  2. Pick a flower.
  3. Pick one of these ways to end a sentence.
  4. Which answer are you going to click?
  5. Pick a number.
  6. Pick one.
  7. Am I thinking red or blue?
  8. Only one of these answers is right. Which one is it?
  9. Pick a letter! Any letter!
  10. And finally, do you think you're lucky?

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Quiz topic: Am I Lucky?