How much magic do you have in you?

Thanks SOO much for pushing my quiz! You are amazing. In this quiz, I will determine how much magic you have in you, and if you will get an invitation to Hogwarts.

Are YOU magical? Do you have enough magic to go to Hogwarts? Or are you a muggle? Take my awesome, simple, 12 question test to find out. Good luck and enjoy!

Created by: Sarah of Sarah's awesome
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  1. How Would You Get Around?
  2. What Creature is your favorite?
  3. If You Went Shoping, What Would You Go To Buy?
  4. There Is A Unstoppable Fire In Your Home. You Notice You Left Your Super Special Vase Inside Near The Window. You..
  5. What Pet Would You Have?
  6. Who's Your Favorite Character Out Of These?
  7. Where Would You Rather Go To?
  8. What Is Your Favorite Berty Bots Every Flavored Bean?
  9. What Is Your Favorite Subject?
  10. Do You Think You Have Enough Magic To Go To Hogwarts?

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Quiz topic: How much magic do I have in you?