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This is a quiz that I created about Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. The questions on the test/quiz are all PJO related and the answers are all in the book series so there are no trick questions.

Are YOU a genius? Do YOU know your facts? Well take this quiz to identify your title. It's that simple but the test is moderately hard if you don't know what you're doing. Do YOU? Try it!

Created by: Lottie

  1. What is Percabeth?
  2. What did Annabeth say to Percy the first time they met?
  3. Who is Tyson is relation to Percy
  4. Why doesn't Annabeth like Tyson?
  5. Who is Percy the son of
  6. Who is Annabeth's mother?
  7. Are Percy and Annebeth from the Greeks or the Romans
  8. What colour was the icing on the cake Annabeth and Tyson made Percy?
  9. Which book did Annabeth first kiss Percy on the cheek
  10. What colour are Percy's eyes and hair
  11. What colour are Annabeth's eyes and hair?

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