Are You Really a ThunderClan cat?

Ever wonder if ThunderClan really is for you? Are you really a brave, strong ThunderClan cat, or are you really WindClan, or RiverClan, or ShadowClan, or SkyClan?

Are you really true ThunderClan? In a few minutes, with some fun questions, this quiz will tell you if ThunderClan really is for you, or if you should look somewhere else for your Clan.

Created by: IvystarGecko

  1. What is the warrior code to you?
  2. Do you like swimming?
  3. How physically strong are you?
  4. How emotionally strong are you?
  5. How fast are you?
  6. Are you sneaky?
  7. How tough are you?
  8. Do you like climbing?
  9. Your friend/younger sibling lost her/his balloon and are really sad. You have a balloon and you:
  10. Even if you where in a different Clan your loyalties would be:

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Quiz topic: Am I Really a ThunderClan cat?