What warrior clan is your cat in? For inside cats

This quiz is for inside cats, I am only using the classic four clans, Windclan Shadowclan Riverclan And Thunderclan because I don't know much about the other clans.

I would add the dark forest but it's too much like shadowclan and starclan is too much like riverclan and I'm not to the point in the series where Skyclan is, sorry about that. Genetics do not matter, I have a Thunderclan cat and a Riverclan cat in the same litter whose mother is Windclan.

Created by: Icestar

  1. How many times does your cat claw/bite you a day?
  2. What type of pelt does your cat have?
  3. How many times does your cat get in trouble a day?
  4. What breed is your cat?
  5. Does your cat like you?
  6. Does your cat want to go outside?
  7. What is bad about your cat?
  8. What's good about your cat.
  9. How many times do they hiss/growl a day?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What warrior clan is my cat in? For inside cats