Warriors Love Story: Part 3: True Love

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Hi everyone! I created this quiz for she-cats who want to find out their true destiny -- with a mate. Tell me what you think after you do it! Hope you enjoy! Of course, if you're a tom, you can do it too, just flip the genders of each cat.

Main info: You are a new warrior of SunClan, the other Clans are: AshClan, StreamClan, and MeadowClan. MeadowClan has meadows like WindClan, AshClan is dark with caves and pine trees, and StreamClan is like RiverClan. That leaves SunClan, which is similar to ThunderClan. I'm using the setting of the lake, but it's a bit different. Enjoy!

  1. When you wake up in the warrior’s den, you felt a sense of peace. You feel warm, for some reason, even though it is leafbare. Somehow, Croweye had come in the den and was snuggling next to you. Your reaction?
  2. You walk over to the fresh-kill pile. What do you choose?
  3. "Emmberflower!" called a voice. "Wake up!" You open your eyes and see Crowpaw standing there. He nuzzles you when you open your eyes. "Good morning, Emberflower." he murmurs.
  4. You say good morning, then flinch as you lift your head from a slice of pain in your neck; throat specifically. "Why does my neck hurt?" you ask. Croweye's head tilts to the side as he says, "Do you not remember?"
  5. A red tom with black ears and tail walks over. "A fox attacked you. He tried to kill you. Luckily, Foxclaw pulled him off."
  6. "Stupid Foxclaw saved you." Croweye said, tail drooping. He then walked closer to you and licked your cheek. "But if I was there, I would have saved you instead."
  7. After he realized what he was doing, Croweye backed away abruptly. "Sorry... I know better." he meowed sadly.
  8. (If you licked him) "What are you doing?" he asked, but not moving away. You could feel his face heating up. "Telling you how I feel" you purr. "W-What do you mean?" he stammers. You lean close and whisper: "I love you, Croweye." After hearing this, Croweye jumped away. Your heart hurts. You loved him, but he just rejected you. "It's not like that, Emberflower. I love you, I really do, but I can't. I'm a medicine cat! It would never work." he scrambled to say. You run out, crying. "Emberflower!" calls Croweye, but you ignore him.
  9. (if you nodded in agreement) "I know, Croweye. I wish it could be different." you meow, and leave the den.
  10. (if you wished for either Fox, Scorch, or Muddy, from now on, either Fox, Scorch or Muddy will be *_______*, depending on who you love.) As you leave the den, *_______* comes rushing over, nuzzling you. "Thank StarClan you're alright!" he purred. You nuzzle him and he leads you out of camp.
  11. "*—————*?" you called. His tabby head poked out of a shadow and he purred. "I half wondered if you'd come." *————-* said. As he walked out, he gestured with his tail for you to follow. As you walk, you come across a stream with shining silver fish. He sat down at the bank, and you sit too. He purrs in amusement as water splashes your paws, making you jump up. "What?" you snarl. "Nothing. I just find it funny how cats are scared of water. We drink it, don't we?" *————* replies. You nod.
  12. He shook his head, meowing. "This isn't why I brought you out here." He gazed into your eyes as he continued. "I hadn't realized how much I hurt you. I have taken time and I have finally gathered enough courage to tell you my feelings for you." He scooted closer and twined his tail with yours. "I love you, Emberflower."
  13. You say nothing as *——————* licks your cheek, purring loudly. "I'm happy to have such a pretty mate." he said between licks. Your heart pounds as you realize what *—————* wanted. His licks went lower, and he gently laid you down as he licked your belly. You began to purr. "Oh, Emberflower..." he murmurs as things happen. You return to camp, thinking...
  14. Cliffhanger! The next quiz will feature Croweye if you chose him as a mate! Then, the quiz after that will feature Scorchy, Foxy, or Muddy if you mates with them. Finally, there will be a part 5. After that, I will work on the med cat route.
  15. By the way, who is *————-* if you don’t like Croweye?

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