How Much Are You Like Me?

Are you like me, IvystarGecko? How much? What is your gender? How old are you? Simple questions like these are all it takes and you will know how much like me you are.

Are you truly like me? Would we be friends? Find out here, in this simple quiz. A minute of your time and you will know. Answer truthfully. Good luck!

Created by: IvystarGecko

  1. Again, what is your gender?
  2. How old are you? (This is more specific, and it's for 18 and under.)
  3. How old are you? (This is for older than 18)
  4. Are you active?
  5. Do you read?
  6. If you read, what do you read?
  7. Do you have pets?
  8. If you have pets, what pets?
  9. Which fruit do you prefer?
  10. Do you like lemons?
  11. Siblings?
  12. If you read do you like Warriors by Erin Hunter?
  13. Redwall?
  14. Do you like music?
  15. If you play, what do you play?

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Quiz topic: How Much am I Like Me?