Should you ride english or western?

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This quiz will tell you if you should ride english or western. it has 12 simple questions including the age and gender question. most questions will have only two answers.

at the end of the quiz, you will get your result. if you dont get what you wanted , its just a quiz. geez people! please rate and comment it after you take it!

Created by: clara

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. wich breed of horse do you prefer?
  2. do you prefer showjumping or barrel racing?
  3. wich horse colour do you prefer?
  4. where would you prefer to ride?
  5. you would name your horse...
  6. on your head you prefer to wear...
  7. wich of these events do you prefer to watch?
  8. pick 3 colours.
  9. do you ride gently or roughly?
  10. pick one.

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Quiz topic: Should I ride english or western?