Pizza Puzzle!

Radio Whales announced this puzzle. I heard of it and decided to make a quiz about it. Radio Whales got the wrong number, and had no idea about the pattern ensuring that the right number is indeed the biggest number.

Can YOU do it better than they? Is your brain better than theirs, ready to solve it? Get your paper and pen, and get ready to see, and draw. But you won't be drawing much-just a rough circle and some lines!

Created by: IvystarGecko

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  1. Get a piece of paper and something to write with.
  2. Draw a circle. This is your pizza. Do not give it toppings, do that after if you're going to detail it.
  3. Draw a line through it.
  4. Draw another line, crossing the first.
  5. Draw two more lines across, crossing the first two.
  6. Count the pieces of pizza (That's your spaces between the lines.)
  7. You should have eight. If you don't, do it again until you do.
  8. Now draw another circle.
  9. You can draw toppings on the first one now if you are going to.
  10. You have a limit of four straight lines to draw across the second circle.
  11. Make as many pieces as you can with the four lines. The lines must go all the way across the pizza circle and be straight.
  12. You should have eleven. If not, do it till you do.
  13. Now work out the pattern.
  14. Hint: How many pieces does one line make? How many pieces do two lines make?

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