Add your question to this quiz ;)

You can add your questions to this quiz once I have figured out how I can let you hack into this... hang on still thinking... um... well this quiz... oh never mind I am over 50 characters now :D

So? Do you have the brainpower to add a question to this quiz 90% of people can't because they are either stupid or lazy. Anyway you don't have to read this if you are.. why?

Created by: IvystarGecko

  1. The password is banana. Please add a question, don't make it rude :D
  2. Bored.
  3. You are beautiful btw :) P.s Everyone is beautiful I am not some kind of stalker lol
  4. Are you single? if you are don't worry God is still writing a love story for you ;)
  5. Hello, I just hacked into this quiz. Good luck. The password, it's banana, like that. Please if you make quizzes on GTQ, it is nice to make an account. Then you can find them more easily, post on the forums, make friends, comment om quizzes, etc.
  6. Ok add your questions now
  7. Ok add your questions now
  8. Ok add your questions now
  9. Ok add your questions now
  10. last question - Do you think you are beautiful? because you are!
  11. Make a proper quiz
  12. Which movie do you like the most

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Quiz topic: Add my question to this quiz ;)