Shout-Out #1

My first shout-out! Come in, read it, and see if you are in it! Comment and rate to let me know what you think of it, or talk to me in forums. Please come in!

Naturally I have nothing to say here, because this is a shout-out. So please take my other quizzes and polls, my name should work as a link to my profile page, and just go ahead on the shout-out!

Created by: IvystarGecko

  1. RubyHeart, you are a good friend and a good roleplayer.
  2. Raven Morgatha, you were one of the first people to speak to me and are really kind to everyone her. If any user deserves whatever they want it's you.
  3. Jayfeather310, you are a Warriors fan, which I am glad about, and love Jayfeather like me. This could cause rivalry but it doesn't have to be that way..peace is sweeter. You post when I ask people to and for that I am really glad.
  4. Slayerbrine, you are a good person, and though you end up on many people's Users Not Allowed lists, I see no reason why. They often ask you to leave, and we have argued, but you are concerned about spam, which is good-we don't want spam.
  5. TheBlackApple, you tell me the opposite of my real life friend from England. She lived there twelve years, and she is twelve. She was born there and has English blood. I am afraid I have to believe her, because I know and trust her, but I would like to roleplay in your Warrior Clans with you. You are creative.
  6. GirlyGothic, I know you are Raven Morgatha. Do not believe the negative about yourself, it is not true.
  7. 1 Twilight Fan, I hope to get to know you better, not because I would like to see a poem you could write about me, but because you seem like such a nice user.
  8. Luv myself, you post on my new thread and I am glad. You are a nice person and interactive, we would all be so bored without you.
  9. Puppet_Master, you made me laugh at your funny comment about Slayerbrine, I wasn't laughing at Slayerbrine, but it was so funny, and I have seen you roleplay it looks really fun and interesting with you.
  10. Bye

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