Wildheart's Love Story (She-Cats Only!)

Wildheart is a new warrior; beautiful turquoise eyes and the sleekest GreyGreen pelt ever, and three tomcats wishing for her heart.

In this quiz, decide choices for Wildheart. Will you take Reliable Rockpelt, Sly Sparrowsong, or Chatterbox Cracklingtree, you'll end out with the cat of your dreams!

Created by: Falconflight

  1. Your taking your first tour of the territory, new warrior. Your name is Wildheart. Sparrowsong, Rockpelt, and Cracklingtree are all with you, and all walk toward you. What do you do?
  2. If you picked Commit suicide, please leave the quiz now, because you are dead. The patrol is splitting into two teams! They let you pick one cat. Who do you pick.
  3. If you are crying in a corner, when I tell you to. If not, please proceed. No matter who you choose, you are hunting with Sparrowsong
  4. Sparrowsong catches a vole, Raven, and a sparrow. He lets you take one. What do you take?
  5. Wildheart, I have feelings for a cat. What do I do?
  6. No matter what you said or thought, he tells you her name is Petalcall. You...
  7. Then he adds... But she is from SunClan. BTW you are NightClan aka ShadowClan, and Sun is Wind, Lightning is Thunder, and Lake is River
  8. Luckily, you and Sparrowsong are hunting on the SunClan border (or near it I should say) and there is a patrol... With Ashheart, Quailpeck, Windpaw, and PETALCALL!
  9. *****************Skipping to Night*************
  10. IF YOU ARE CRYING PLEASE COME BACK NOW!!! ---------------------------------------------------------- You hear rustling, and you think it is only a dream. But when you wake up, you see Sparrowsong leave the den! Do you follow him, or stay put
  11. If you are staying put, come back when I tell you to. If you are following him, you see a white blur in the distance you think it is...
  12. It's Petalcall! Sparrowsong is heading right over the border, and sits next to the white cat. They start talking, and Petalcall is laughing. You...
  13. Guess What? P.S. If you are staying put you can come back now.

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