Which Percy Jackson character is your girlfriend?

There are a lot of demigod pairs. Many demigods date demigods because it's easier, demigods understand demigods more than mortals. Many demigods bond on quests.

But who do you get paired with? Which girl is your soulmate? You have come to the right place. Within about a minute of your clicking the link, you'll find out!

Created by: IvystarGecko

  1. Eyes?
  2. What god is your parent?
  3. Do you want her to be smarter, a better fighter, a mix of cursed and blessed, or a lot more convincing than you?
  4. A fighter, charmspeaker, architect or a summoner of jewels?
  5. Do you hate Romans?
  6. Do you hate Greeks?
  7. Do you want her to love jewels?
  8. Would you be mad if she charmspoke you?

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Quiz topic: Which Percy Jackson character is my girlfriend?