Could You Be a Medicine Cat? #1

What do you really know about herbs? This quiz, though it is short, is only the first in a set and it will test you on your medicine cat skills! How good are you really? good are you? I'm sorry if this doesn't meet your expectations. But this quiz will give you a number-and you can compete against yourself and your friends! How good are you at healing, in warriors, really? REALLY? You're at the right place! Right there are the simple questions.

Created by: IvystarGecko
  1. What is tansy used for?
  2. Should you give herbs to a nursing queen?
  3. What is willow used for?
  4. Which two things bind wounds, broken legs and sprains?
  5. Should you obey StarClan?
  6. If a cat is knocked out and just coming around, in serious pain, should you give them poppy seeds?
  7. Which sickness is not real?
  8. Which sickness is most serious?
  9. How many cures are there for greencough?
  10. Which is rarer?

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