Which Percy Jackson character is your boyfriend?

Percy Jackson is a famous series. Many of the demigods in it end up forming couples. Demigods understand demigod lives best, so this works out well.

But which boy are you paired with? Which boy could you love, and could love you? You can't just march up to a guy and say "Hey, we're boyfriend and girlfriend." It doesn't work that way. So find out who gets matched up with you in this quiz, which you so luckily clicked on.

Created by: IvystarGecko

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  1. Which looks better on a boy?
  2. What personality would you go for?
  3. What weapon do you want him to have?
  4. Do you hate Romans?
  5. Do you hate Greeks?
  6. Demigod or no?
  7. Son of a god or no?
  8. Would your parent be Poseidon or Hephaestus?
  9. Would your parent be Jupiter or Mars?
  10. Which sounds most like your name? As in, has at least one of the same vowel sounds in it.

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Quiz topic: Which Percy Jackson character is my boyfriend?