How much do you know about the Percy Jackson series?

The Lightning Thief to The Blood of Olympus, Percy Jackson's been through these! But the question is how much have you remembered from your adventures with him? Can you still remember, or do we need to send you all out on another death mission again?

Test your memory about your adventures with the demigods of this generation! Give a try, and see where it leads you! Little do you know, you're one of the major leagues, ey? If you aren't though, well, at least you enjoyed the journey you've had, right?

Created by: Ariadine
  1. What color are Annabeth Chase's eyes?
  2. Who were the two people who fell into Tartarus at the end of Mark of Athena?
  3. Reyna is the daughter of . . . ?
  4. Which book did Nico and Bianca di Angelo firstly appear in?
  5. What is the fourth book of the Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus series?
  6. Who was the friend that betrayed Percy in The Lightning Thief?
  7. What was the name of the immortal who was stuck on the island of Ogygia?
  8. What is the name of Percy's mother?
  9. What was the name of the Roman counterpart of Camp Half-Blood
  10. What is the name of Nico's biological sister?
  11. What is Frank Zhang's special ability?
  12. What year did Hazel Levesque die?
  13. Who is the father of Jason Grace?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the Percy Jackson series?