The Warriors Clan Leader test!!

This quiz will tell you if you're an expert in the matters of knowing your Clan leaders. A few simple questions to answer and then you'll know! So come on in and do this quiz.

Are you a leader expert? Can you really qualify as an EXPERT? You didn't know. But now, there's a quiz, to test your skills, test your edge, and tell you where you rank, and a numbered score so you know where your knowledge falls.

Created by: IvystarGecko

  1. Who was ThunderClan's first leader?
  2. Who led SkyClan out of the forest?
  3. Which leader died after the Great Battle?
  4. Which leader died of a strange sickness?
  5. Tallstar went adventuring with who?
  6. Firestar's half sister was called?
  7. How many half brothers did Firestar have?
  8. The first ShadowClan leader was who?
  9. How many lives to leaders have?
  10. How many times did Firestar die of sickness?

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