Would You Make a Good Parent?

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There are people who make great parents. And there are those who don't. Those who don't really shouldn't have kids, kids of the people who aren't good parents tend to live bad lives.

But which category do you fit into? Don't worry; if you are 0% a good parent, you're great at many other things! Still, it's worth it, just to see which place you fit into.

Created by: IvystarGecko

  1. Do you often get mad and shout at kids?
  2. Do your parents shout at you?
  3. Are you interested in the things kids do?
  4. Would you do things with your child/children?
  5. Do children like you?
  6. Your child is dying, you must give up a thousand dollars in order to save their life, but it's likely it won't work. If you give the money, you lose your job and your home. If not, you keep the job, the home, the money, all your privileges, but you lose your child. What do you do?
  7. Would you love your child more/as much as yourself?
  8. Have you babysat children?
  9. Your back is aching and you're sick. Little toddler every five minutes keeps coming up and jumping on you what do you do?
  10. Are you willing to do hard work for every minute of your life, even the night?

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