are you a good parent

Most people think that they are proud beaming top draw parents but are they. If you think you are then take this quiz to find out if your kids should love or hate you.

Let your friends do this as well and find out whos the best parent. Comment for tips for me for the next quiz I'll make. Should you take the 11+. Look out for that

Created by: Krazykangaroo

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  1. Your kid is smoking what do you do
  2. Your kid is suspended for a month of school what do you do
  3. He has a girlfriend who he is going on a date but he brakes you laptop what do you do
  4. You are having another baby boy what do you do
  5. You promised your kid junk food for dinner where do you go
  6. your kid brakes his knee by accident what do you tell him in hospital
  7. Your kids wants to go on holigay what do you tell them
  8. Your kid wants to stay up he hasn't stayed up in ages what do you tell him
  9. Your kid tells you that they're bunking of school what do you do
  10. Your kid dies do you

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Quiz topic: Am I a good parent