How Strict Are Your Parents?

Not all parents come alike. Some control their kids so much that they're not allowed to choose what they wear or have friends, and others allow their kids to stay up all night playing video games and smoking weed.

So where do your parents fall on this vast spectrum? Are they the center of authority? Do they not care? Or do they balance what's right with what's fun well? Take the quiz and see how strict (or easygoing) your parents really are.

Created by: AlaskaNerd
  1. You go to a friend's party promising your parents you won't be under the influence of anything. 4 hours later you show up home drunk. And high. You will expect your parents to-
  2. What are your parents' rules on dinner?
  3. When did your parents allow you to have a smartphone? (Or, if you don't have one, when do you suppose you will)
  4. If you do have a smartphone (or any device), what is the level of your parents' control of it?
  5. Your parents' involvement with you and your friends?
  6. When you wanted to get something at the store and your parents said "no", what was the main reason why?
  7. How flexible is your bedtime?
  8. You are at a birthday party at night. Your parents call you and tell you to come home. Who is still at the party?
  9. When do your parents make you wake up on school days?
  10. When wanting something new that you can't afford, you-
  11. On weekends when you had nothing to do,
  12. When your parents were trying to decide something,
  13. What did your parents say after you asked them why they said "no"?
  14. If you have homework during a school day, what are your parents' rules for it?
  15. The smallest offense your parents would ground you for is-

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