Which Riverdale Parent is Most Like Your Parent?

In a lot of teen shows, the parents are only background characters but in Riverdale, the parents are almost as heavily featured as the kids are. Take this quiz to find out which of the main Riverdale parents is yours?

Choose either your mom or your dad and answer the questions honestly. Is your parent like Alice Cooper, FP Jones, Fred Andrews, Hermione Lodge, Hiram Lodge, Penelope Blossom, Tom Keller, or Sierra McCoy. Warning: there may be spoilers in your result if you aren't past season two.

Created by: Madi
  1. Are you picking your mom or your dad?
  2. What kind of job does your parent have?
  3. What was your parent like in their younger days?
  4. Is your parent strict?
  5. How would you say your relationship is with your parent?
  6. Do you think your parent is a good person?
  7. What kind of house did you live in?
  8. You tell your parent about something kinda bad you've done/you're doing. How do they react?
  9. Does your parent seem to get into a lot of drama with other parents?
  10. Does your parent let you be who you are?
  11. How much of a priority are you to your parent?
  12. Did your parent come from a troubled past?

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Quiz topic: Which Riverdale Parent is Most Like my Parent?