Ancient Greece Test: Government in Athens

In the earliest times most Greek city-states were ruled by kings, but around 500 BC many of the city-states had developed forms of government in which the people had a say about how they should be governed.

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Created by: Riptide
  1. How many generals did The Assembly choose to run the army and navy?
  2. Why were the Generals allowed to serve for several years?
  3. How many years did Pericles serve as a war general?
  4. How many times did Pericles manage to persuade the Assembly into electing him as general?
  5. True or False. Jury courts were formed from citizens.
  6. Were there any judges or professional lawyers?
  7. What is a summons?
  8. Did the accused write his defense speech or have a professional speech writer to write for him?
  9. When was Pericles' term of office?
  10. How long was the public office held for?
  11. When did Pericles die?

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