Smart Grid Quiz

I hope you were listening. When I said you were going to be tested on this I was not kidding. This quiz will test your general knowledge of smart grids.

Welcome to the Smart Grid Quiz. Please choose the best answer. There is only one correct answer to each question. Good luck, godspeed and do your best.

Created by: tom montgomery
  1. How much power is lost in the grid due to resistance?
  2. Advanced Control Methods Technology Area include all but:
  3. One of the largest returns on investment pertaining to the deployment of advanced sensing and measurement technologies is the reduction of energy theft.
  4. Smart Grid goals include all but the following:
  5. Advanced Control Methods is the foundational layer for all other Smart Grid technology areas.
  6. Distributed Intelligent Agents include all of the following, except:
  7. Superconductivity can help achieve all of the following except:
  8. The primary purpose of Improved Interfaces and Decision support is to:
  9. Electric vehicles plugged into the grid could potentially help stabilize grids during peak usage times.
  10. Tendril's products and strategic roadmap have direct advancements or positive impacts to each Smart Grid Technology Area and hence to each Smart Grid Goal.

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