You think you known about World War two?

Are you smart? Do you know about War? What is smart? Why not try this out? Test your knowledge and see how smart you really are. I know I am smart but are you?

YOU are smart? or are you???? Test your brain out in this quiz which will really test out your knowledge of War. YOU have the powers to get a good score..only YOU...

Created by: reuelkee
  1. Where was the battle of the 'Rats of Tobruk'?
  2. How did Hitler die?
  3. A forgotten battle in the Aleutian's Island was between which two countries?
  4. How long did World War 2 last?
  5. What was the biggest battle of tanks?
  6. In Gallipoli, where did the ANZACS land?
  7. What does ANZAC stand for?
  8. Did George W. Bush serve in WW2?
  9. Why did America join the war?
  10. What was a big mistake that Hitler made which cause him to loose the war?

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