Are You A North Carolinian?

Many people in the United States act like their state. For example, people from New York are usually rude. People from Texas are usually fit. People from California or Florida usually have a tan.

What do you know about North Carolina? Do you have what it takes to live and act like a North Carolinian? You now do not have to wonder! Thanks to this quiz, you can now know if you act like someone from North Carolina!

Created by: JungleBunny
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite drink/beverage?
  2. What is you're favorite food/thing to eat?
  3. What is you're favorite thing to do in your free time/hobby?
  4. What grades/scores do you usually see on your test at school?
  5. Do you curse/cuss a lot?
  6. Are you a Christian? (Do you belive in God?)
  7. Was the beverage/drink Pepsi made in North Carolina?
  8. Was the beverage/drink Coca-Cola made in North Carolina?
  9. Are you rich/have a good amount of money?
  10. Do you know what the term "Stay fierce!" is? (Have you ever heard it/used it?)

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Quiz topic: Am I A North Carolinian?