How well do you know Jacksonville, NC

There are many of you who think you know everything about Jacksonville, but I bet you never sat down and thought of these things. Or if you have, then its something to pass the time.

Try out our test and test your knowledge, to see how well you really know Jacksonville NC!!! You just might be surprised how much you do or don't know!!

Created by: sarah
  1. If you heard "Radio" what would it mean??
  2. what is the busiest road or street during rush hour??
  3. Where is the best place to find a cop??
  4. Where is the worst place to be on payday
  5. If you were looking for hotels, where would the most be?
  6. If you want brand name stuff, where is the best place to find it?
  7. Where is the worst place to live??
  8. What age group do you think would love Jacksonville??
  9. How many base do they have in jacksonville?
  10. where is the best place to find singles??

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Jacksonville, NC