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What skills do you possess that will benefit you in the changing world of work? Care to take off a few minutes of your time for a personalized result to identify your strengths, build them further and future-proof your career.

Remember: This quiz is going to be a long one, so please try to take your time with your answers and try to be honest, but don't be too hard on yourself.

Created by: Max 061
  1. How do you see yourself when working with a team?
  2. Do you find the best in a situation or accept it as it is?
  3. Are you good at Perfecting or Learning new things?
  4. Do you like working together or at your own home?
  5. Do you like using logical reasoning or do you decide things immediately.
  6. Do you do things in Theory or Logically
  7. Do you complete task with your brain or with your heart?
  8. Do you try to be the best or help others?
  9. Do you Focus on one thing at a time or multiple?
  10. Do you think or charge head first into a problem?
  11. Do you focus more on your teammates or the objective?
  12. Do you do things by practicing or in theory?
  13. Do you like change or want everything to be the same?
  14. Are you someone that likes to focus on the solutions or the available options?
  15. Are you a risk taker or someone who relies on others?
  16. What do you mostly enjoy?
  17. When working in a team, you are the one who. . .
  18. When beginning a project, you like to start by. . .
  19. When faced with a problem, you prefer to solve it by:
  20. When things go wrong, you:
  21. A charity you're volunteering for has asked you to organize their annual fundraiser. You'll be coordinating a team of helpers but first you need to scope out the event. What do you do?
  22. After settling on your approach, as the team leader you must plan, assign roles and divide up the work. How do you do it?
  23. Hmmm. Preparations are underway and you've made some commitments, but you've now found out you have less money than you thought. Time for some quick decisions, what do you do?
  24. Oh dear. Two of you volunteers, who are working on the venue preparations aren't getting on. One feels like they aren't being listened to while the other feels like their partner isn't completing important tasks quickly enough. How do you deal with it?
  25. Phew. . . You've finalized the timescales for the night and it's a cramped schedule, but now a local retailer has approached the charity with an offer of a sizable donation in return for a publicity slot on your program. What do you do?

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