What Career Should You Have?

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Don't people always ask you, "What do you want to be when you're older?" Some would say an unlikely career, such as a singer or the president. Maybe you could be, who knows!

You might have it thought out on what you want your career to be based on your interest. But this quiz will help point your future in the right career path by observing your likes and skills.

Created by: crazyglittergirl
  1. In this quiz there will be 23 yes or no questions, with a 50/50 option when you aren't sure. Try to avoid using the 50/50 option for best results. Good luck.
  2. Do you like working outdoors?
  3. Do you like working in an office?
  4. Do you like operating machines?
  5. Are you interested in law?
  6. Do you like computer programming?
  7. Do you like to work with kids?
  8. Do you like being active and or your feet?
  9. Do you consider the feelings, views or behaviors of others?
  10. Do you like understanding technical drawings and diagrams?
  11. Do you like making sure that people are following laws or regulations?
  12. Do you enjoy working with animals?
  13. Do you like helping people with emotional or psychological problems
  14. Do you like repairing things?
  15. Can you persuade?
  16. Do you like drawing/designing?
  17. Do you like speaking in front of groups of people?
  18. Can you drive?
  19. Do you like reading?
  20. Do you like astronomy?
  21. Are you a good listener?

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