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  • What Career Should You Have?
    Your Result: Computer System Analyst 79%

    Computer systems analysts analyze business or scientific tasks and plan and develop the hardware systems and software that allow a computer to complete these tasks. These analysts may also work on improving computer systems already in use. They are employed by a wide variety of organizations, including businesses, universities, hospitals, and government agencies. Consulting firms that contract to develop new computer systems also employ systems analysts.

    Computer Animator 53%
    Astronomer 52%
    Teacher 52%
    Zoologist 38%
    Lawyer 38%
    Bereavemen t Counselor 38%
    Engineer 36%
    Salesman 33%
    Parole Officer
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  • I'm probably going to be a Communist revolutionary, a goat herder, or some mixture of agriculture and chemistry.

  • Wow! This was an awesome quiz! I got teacher and that is pretty accurate.

  • I got zooligist. I am going to be a vet, so this is pretty close.


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