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  • "I want to be either an airbender, earthbender, firebender, or waterbender, but one or the other, not all of them like the avatar"
  • Animals
    "My favorite animal is a dog. They are simple animals, but I love them because they are so loyal and lovable creatures. Plus, they are real..."
  • "New" Nickelodeon
    "Yeah! The new Nickelodeon is horrible. My brother and I used to love the shows "Drake & Josh", "Rugrats", and "The Amanda Show". Plu..."
  • "Life can be interpreted in many ways. Some people believe that it is just the "starter" for the afterlife. Some people believe that it is ..."
  • Hello!
    "Role play?"
  • "Okay would definitely be Hermione! She is just so cool."

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