How well do YOU know Rise of the Guardians?

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Have you ever wanted a quiz that can win you money and SWAG? Well this is SO not that quiz! Well your here take this quiz to see if you know ROTG.. FOR REAL.

Are YOU a fan of ROTG? Are you AWESOME enough to get this RIGHT?! Until now you have wanted to know.. maybe. But even if you don't TAKE THIS QUIZ!!!!!

Created by: Elsa

  1. What is Jack Frost's full name and who is his sister?
  2. How does Toothiana, Queen of the tooth Fairy armies, Make her tooth fairies?
  3. What is Bunnymund's full name and What is he?
  4. What is the first book about?
  5. Who are Sophie and Jamie?
  6. This won't really matter but FAV character?
  7. Do YA LOVE Rotg?
  8. Who is Ombric?
  9. How did Kathrine's Parents die?
  10. Is this a good quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Rise of the Guardians?